US Solutions is Ufberg & Associates LLP's client training division. We help employers address the critical challenge of labor and employment law compliance in a manner that advances organizational objectives by focusing on prevention through learning. US Solutions is committed to providing engaging, cutting edge education to decrease the risk of employment-related problems while maximizing employee performance and potential. Our attorney educators work directly with you to customize and integrate specialized content and delivery that will enhance team training or help facilitate "partnerships" training in collaboration with members of your HR or legal team.


US Solutions has the experience to design and execute training initiatives of any scale, including programs ranging from one individual session to hundreds of training sessions in dozens of locations - all delivered with consistency and uniformity.


In addition to the instruction portion of each training module, the interactive scenarios and exercises bring the reality of the workplace into the classroom. Such lively and entertaining sessions are designed to encourage participation and to get supervisors and managers thinking pro-actively about the personnel challenges they face every day. US Solutions' legal team can customize programs to address issues specific to your organization.

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