Welcome to Ufberg & Associates, Northeastern Pennsylvania’s premier management-side labor and employment legal team.  We are a full-service law firm whose mission is to provide employers with creative, effective, and proactive solutions to workforce management challenges and their attendant legal issues.


While no amount of work or preparation can completely prevent the occurrence of all workplace challenges, our clients have found our hallmark proactive approach to be extremely effective in preventing and minimizing such issues.  Our objective is to work with our clients to do right, do well, and address minor issues before they become major problems.  Our role is not only as attorneys, but also as advisors, counselors, trainers and coaches.


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Ufberg & Associates is The Worklaw® Network’s sole member firm in Pennsylvania. The Worklaw® Network is an exclusive national organization of Management labor and employment law firms that share information and resources. Our Worklaw® affiliation provides us and our clients with virtually instantaneous access to highly competent labor and employment counsel throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as overseas (Worklaw® affiliates in, China, Europe, India, Mexico and Australia). The ability to connect on a moment’s notice with other preeminent labor and employment counsel who can meaningfully assist – anywhere – on critical, time-sensitive issues is meaningful to us and to our clients.


We regularly exchange information, strategies and, within ethical bounds, work product with our sister Worklaw® firms, as well as sharing knowledge about each state’s judges and court practices, labor and employment boards and commissions, union leadership and political landscapes. Given our specialized practice area, Worklaw® firms are often in the forefront of employer advocacy on the day’s hot-button labor and employment issues because we understand, at a seminal level, the challenging workforce issues and significant legal hurdles our clients face daily.


Ufberg & Associates is extremely proud of our Worklaw® affiliation and of the opportunities it affords us and our clients.

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